It is of utmost importance that we safeguard your health and well-being, as well as that of our staff during these challenging times. For this reason, we have implemented infection control practices that have become a part of our daily routine. Please be patient as some elements may seem repetitive or unnecessary but we are required by law to comply with these protocols. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will provide you with more information. Thank you.

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Kinesiology is the scientific study of human movement, performance and function. It incorporates the sciences of biomechanics, anatomy, physiology, psychology and neuroscience into a comprehensive evidence-based practice. Treatment and prevention of injury and disease and improving movement and performance are primary goals of client-centred care for people of all ages and physical abilities. The role of the Kinesiologist at Point of Balance Physiotherapy Ltd includes health promotion, injury rehabilitation, pain and chronic disease management, ergonomics and workplace safety. Rehabilitation after a workplace injury follows a structured protocol that is led by our Kinesiologist, who works in conjunction with other team members. A kinesiologist is an expert in fitness training and post-surgical rehabilitation.

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