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The primary goals of physiotherapy are rehabilitation, prevention of injury and optimizing function and health, using a variety of approaches, for people of all ages.

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Massage Therapy

Addressing the soft tissues of the body. The goal of treatment can be rehabilitation or relaxation and is ultimately aimed at enhancing health and well-being.

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Custom Orthotic Therapy

Our knowledgeable staff utilize physical assessments, FootmaxxTM technology and 3-dimensional scanning to analyze the bio-mechanics of gait to provide you with custom orthotics.

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Point of Balance Physiotherapy Ltd.
Your path to physical health and wellness.

What We Do

Many stresses are imposed on our body as a result of traumatic or acute injury, repetitive work stress posture, or chronic changes. These stresses create tension in the body and may limit loss of motion and loss of overall function. These results of stress have a large impact on our overall quality of life.

The mandate of the multidisciplinary team at Point of Balance Physiotherapy Ltd is to work together using our combined experience and expertise to reduce pain, restore mobility and function to your whole body and, as a result, restore a point of balance in your life in general.